Saturday, 25 February 2012

Even more Chasseurs

There must now be over 125, now, and 42 more, imminently expected  in the post from Shaun Duncan.  A couple still need finishing touches, and they'll all need varnishing and brass buttons, chinstraps, eagles on belt pouches and musket furniture.  I also need to paint 4 mounted colonels/generals to lead them; still 3-4 weeks work, so ready just in time for RTB's game.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Getting Carried Away

I've bought quite a few painted Chasseurs from Shaun Duncan (and earlier some from eBay).  I've started to detail, ink and varnish them to bring them in line with the 36 finished minis at the back right.  Even though most are very nicely painted, there's a fair bit of work to do.  When another 40 or so arrive from Shaun, and with a few more painted by me, I'll have almost enough for a 4 regiment brigade.  

That should put the wind up the Russkies, Roger!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Chasseurs WIP

I've taken a short break from Dragooons, to finish and base another battalion of Chassuers, most of whom were painted for my by Shaun Duncan.   I've highlighted, washed and done a little detailing; I think they will look very nice when varnished and based.  I'll highlight metalwork after they've been matt varnished (tomorrow? Will this chill never end?).

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Dragoon close-ups

I've posted a few close-up photos of the dragoons, particularly the Elites, which I painted myself, and which I'm particularly pleased with.  I converted the minis by giving them epaulettes, which was quite easy, what with them being plastics, and all.

The below stand, with a casualty figure worked out quite nicely, too; something about the way they are stepping, gingerly, past the body.

Finally, with the below pic, I suspect the original painter cut down a musket, and used the arm with the slung musket from the Victrix line infantry set.

I've spent the last few nights sticking together 42 more Victrix Garde Chasseurs (a 4th battalion).  Nice minis...

Monday, 6 February 2012

Dragons a Pied, Finis

I've finished basing the 32 French Dragoons for my dismounted Brigade (16 each for the 2eme and 6eme Regiments).  I realise that I've forgotten to paint a dismounted Brigadier, though!   Ho hum.  I painted some, and others were painted by Shaun Duncan and, IIRC, "Lynda" on eBay.  There are some nice conversions amongst them (Lyndas?) which bring variety.

Here they are, in a clickable pic.  I'll post close-ups tomorrow, if I have time.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Dragons a Pied

A quick camera snap of the 36 minis of my dismounted dragoon Brigade; still some detailing and varnishing to go, but they are mostly there.  These are the work of 3 or 4 different painters (including Shaun Duncan and a couple of eBay sellers), but I've done a fair bit of over-painting.  I'm pleased with the dismounted elites, which I converted and painted myself, along with the other figures in the foreground.