Thursday, 28 June 2012

Maurice continues...

A quick shot of our second (or third?) Maurice game, last week.  Our British forces, on the defensive (at bottom of photo), are partially encircled by a converging French (top) attack.  We Brits didn't deploy terribly well, but we did successfully march all of our right flank cavalry behind our lines to strenghten the left, which was cool and did surprise out opponents.  However, the game was clearly going the French way when we ran out of time.

I'm still very much enjoying Maurice; I do wish I had a 28mm army to game it with.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Pictures of Matchstick Men

Tonight my friend Ian brought his new 6mm armies around; these are almost entirely assembled from matchsticks!  Below are 8 battalions of British line.  The minis are simply lengths of matchstick cut to 6mm (7mm for guards) and painted in appropriate uniforms.  The horses and riders are each assembled from 3 or 4 lengths of matches.  A labour of love!

Below, a shot of a brigade of French guard cavalry drawn up in support of a French line battalion:-

We played a very pleasant battle with the new Maurice rules from Sam Mustafa, which I'll write about tomorrow.  But tonight I did want to show the miniatures, which are extremely effective, en-masse.  The final shot, below, is of most of the French battle line (Anglo-Hanoverians in the distance):-

I was very impressed with the minis that Ian has produced, which gave a very good impression of large armies at a negligible cost.  Next week, I must take a pic of the artillery, which was splendidly scratch built.