Friday, 1 June 2012

Pictures of Matchstick Men

Tonight my friend Ian brought his new 6mm armies around; these are almost entirely assembled from matchsticks!  Below are 8 battalions of British line.  The minis are simply lengths of matchstick cut to 6mm (7mm for guards) and painted in appropriate uniforms.  The horses and riders are each assembled from 3 or 4 lengths of matches.  A labour of love!

Below, a shot of a brigade of French guard cavalry drawn up in support of a French line battalion:-

We played a very pleasant battle with the new Maurice rules from Sam Mustafa, which I'll write about tomorrow.  But tonight I did want to show the miniatures, which are extremely effective, en-masse.  The final shot, below, is of most of the French battle line (Anglo-Hanoverians in the distance):-

I was very impressed with the minis that Ian has produced, which gave a very good impression of large armies at a negligible cost.  Next week, I must take a pic of the artillery, which was splendidly scratch built.


  1. Good grief, can't believe they're made from matches!!!

  2. Wow.. that is a completely new idea, and executed perfectly! Indeed, when looking at it from such a large scene, it is very impressive..

  3. Very good.

    Some expert modelling and painting there.


  4. That is SPLENDID! I have read of such things but never before seen such.

    Well done to your friend. It is very inspiring.

  5. A thing of beauty. The first thing that sprung to mind was kriegspiel, only better.
    Regards HGA.

  6. Brilliant! Love them - they really give the impression of mass.

  7. Thanks all, I'll let Ian know. They really are fun to play with (and Maurice are a great set of rules!).

    Cheers, Simon

  8. I also had read about this possibility but this is the first time I see it! It Looks great
    P.S. I am also fan of Status Quo!