Monday, 8 December 2014

Marie-Louises V - War of Attrittion

Despite their apparent simplicity, these have eaten up so much of my precious painting time!  But I will not be beaten.  Last night a grinding painting session finished these 81 minis (33 of whom were painted by David Davies) barring backpacks.  I will need to paint another 18 to field 3 battalions. You'll note that I have mounted a GMB standard and two Fanions.

Below are three of the Marie-Louise recruits.  These are Warlord plastics with a mix of Warlord and Perry heads. I have really taken to this set from Warlord, and expect to use a lot more of them in due course.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Marie-Louises IV - Mission Creep!

The first two battalions are more-or-less finished, but alarmingly more figures have appeared on the painting tray- the beginnings of a third battalion!  

In other news Kawe of Westfalia Miniatures very kindly "exchanged" some of their products for a set of my "To the Strongest!" rules.  He gave me a very generous exchange rate, thanks Kawe!  :-) Consequently I have some lovely new toys, some of which I started to prep last night, including a colonel for the new battalion.

As well as being beautifully sculpted, these are amongst the cleanest-castings I have ever come across (and I buy Aventines!). I struggled to find a use for my file. Much, much better than the quality of the Perry castings. Westfalia also make lovely vignettes which one doesn't come across in other ranges, and their guns and vehicles have no peers.