Friday, 25 November 2011

Chasseurs a Pied

As well as yesterday's Dragoons, I've also finished basing another half battalion of these Victrix Guard Chasseurs, the 2eme (the unit in the front). These minis were also painted by Shaun Duncan, who is going to paint another 36 minis for me in order to complete the 2 units.  I did a little detailing (piping and some brasswork, mostly), and based.  

I also have a third painted Battalion from another eBay purchase, so a Brigade is looking on the cards...  

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Dragons, Dragons, Dragons

Last night I finished rebasing the most recent 24 Dragoons I've bought on eBay, and how I have 3 understrength regiments, plus a few dismounted.  All the minis are plastic Perry.  Have a click!

So where from here?   I've decided to raise 4 x 24 man Regiments, in 2 brigades of 2.  I gather that a full division would have had 8 regiments; phew.

24 man units may be a bit unwieldy on the table, but they will look the DBs, and would be around the size of a regiment at full strength, in 1:20 scale..  I also need a load more dismounted dragoons.  It's all in hand... but may take a while because I'm seriously overspent and need to cut back.  Also I need to finish way more infantry before I can game with the army.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

WIP Dragoons

I've been a bad boy on eBay, and have bought another two dozen dragoons, all fortunately very nicely painted (half by Shaun Duncan, half by Wraith on Wheels), and needing no work.  Here they are, in the process of being re-based to my basing standard (45mm frontage for 2 mounted or 3 foot).  When they are combined with these, my first more-or-less completed higher-level Napoleonic formation looks like being a brigade of Dragoons.  I'll work towards all of the units having 24 figures, but they may remain under strength for some time.

In the background I'm basing three more stands of Garde Chasseurs painted by Shaun, and detailed by me.  I'm hoping to muster three 36 man battalions of these, and two of Young Guard.  Elitist, moi?

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Guards, Guards!

Golly, a whole month since my last Napoleonic posting!

I've not been entirely inactive (I've been extremely busy paintign Ancients, for example).  I have bought many (a great many!) miniatures, mostly Perry's or Victrix, and mostly painted to some extent.  There has been a considerable mission creep from my original objectives, of which more anon, in another post.

The above 18 Victrix minis were purchased from a very capable painter called Shaun Duncan, via eBay.  They appear to be the 1er Chasseurs, of the Garde.  They were very nicely painted, and I've just added a little detailing (some red piping, brass work and rosettes).  I also varnished and rebased to the Perry system.  I hope to expand to a unit of 24; perhaps 2 units.  

 I do love the Victrix Guard/Chasseurs set.  Beautifully designed, and bags of character!