Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Guards, Guards!

Golly, a whole month since my last Napoleonic posting!

I've not been entirely inactive (I've been extremely busy paintign Ancients, for example).  I have bought many (a great many!) miniatures, mostly Perry's or Victrix, and mostly painted to some extent.  There has been a considerable mission creep from my original objectives, of which more anon, in another post.

The above 18 Victrix minis were purchased from a very capable painter called Shaun Duncan, via eBay.  They appear to be the 1er Chasseurs, of the Garde.  They were very nicely painted, and I've just added a little detailing (some red piping, brass work and rosettes).  I also varnished and rebased to the Perry system.  I hope to expand to a unit of 24; perhaps 2 units.  

 I do love the Victrix Guard/Chasseurs set.  Beautifully designed, and bags of character!                                   


  1. Good looking bunch of the Emperor's hard-cases!

  2. Thanks Rosbif, Shaun did a great job; love his faces, simple but effective.

  3. Good score!! Love the basing.

  4. Very, very nice you and Shaun made a great job on these, love the blue coats!