Saturday, 1 October 2011

Dragons a Pied

I've finished a few more dragoons; repaints of an evilBay purchase.  They came out quite well:-

The elite company (below) really should have red epaullettes, but I won't tell, if you won't.  Need to highlight those tassles...

I had a spare figure left over from the last unit, which I've painted as an officer (below).   Ideally I'd like another 4 dismounted minis, and in a perfect world, 4 horse holders and 16 mounts.  I'd like to think I'll have a brigade of dragoons, at some stage...

I really love the contrast between green of the uniforms, and the red of the facing colour.


  1. Just returning from my local hobby supplier with a Perry metal Dragoons reinforcement (FN 142). I agree, the red facing is great indeed, I will discard the yellow that was my initial idea.

  2. Hi Anibal, I didn't know they did metal ones; I shall have a look!

  3. I'm currently painting some Strelets 1/72nd foot dragoons, and while the detail is good, they're nothing compared to these beauties! You've done a great job on them, too.

    I agree with your assessment of the facing colours; I've also gone for this scheme for both my mounted and dismounted dragoons

  4. Hi Rosbif, yes was admiring your foot dragoons last week. I think it impressive how detailed today's plastics are, and thopught they looked great.

    I have been admiring these, too; a different take:-

  5. Always liked the idea of French dragoons on foot (especially is my Russian heavy cavalry can get at them!!!). Cool figures