Friday, 23 September 2011

Le 2ème Régiment de Dragons

Here are my first regiment of Napoleonic cavalry; the 2eme Dragons.  They were recruited on eBay, as 2 separate purchases.  The 12 on the left are from one seller, and the 4 on the right, which needed some work, from another.  I rebased them all on 45mm wide and 60mm deep bases, which look good and should help to protect them (the captain already needs a replacement plume).

I've gone with an organisation of 4 squadrons, each of 2 companies.  The elite company in bearskins are my favourites!  I am currently working on a small unit of dismounted dragoons.  

It would be great to have another dragoon regiment, so I could form a brigade; perhaps eBay will provide.  I'm slowly assembling some more infantry battalions (again from eBay), and hope, by the spring, to have a viable French army.


  1. Great painting. I like the elites in the bearskins too. Nice blog. Good work.

  2. Painting styles aren't to disimilar, your basing really pulls them together well done!