Thursday, 11 August 2011

My other French Army

These are the other French I've been working on; Perry's, this time.  My concept is to have a dusty Victrix army for the Peninsula, and a Perry army for post 1812.

Both the below battalions are largely of figures bought on eBay, painted, and expanded to 6 companies (plus extra voltiguers in skirmish, and a command stand, coming to a total 45 figures each).  Pictures are clickable.

The first unit (above) I've shown previously, but it is expanded and properly based now.   These were the better painted of the two eBay purchases, I'm really pleased with them.

The second unit (above) needed quite a bit of TLC to get them to a reasonable tabletop standard, but I'm now quite happy with them.  Although the painting quality wasn't all that good, the basing was very nice and I've settled on this as a standard.  They are now a reasonable match for the first unit.

Below are voltiguers from a third eBay purchase, who will serve in the next 2 units that still need to be painted.

I eventually hope to expand to around a dozen battalions (I have enough unpainted minis!), but this is going to need some lucky eBay purchases, or the help of Dr Simon's painter mate, to get there.  I'll paint more when I get back from my hols.  Finally, the battalions are shown below, in attack column.


  1. Beautiful figures, I like the skirmishers on the round bases.

  2. Cracking figures and good to see you have a Naps blog.

  3. This project is building nicely. I have boxes of 15mm napoleonics, but I'm tempted to dip into Victrix for the Peninsula. Too many choices, too many scales...

  4. Thanks chaps! I'm busy prepping a couple of hundred more figures, for the autumn. I think the Perry army will get finished before the Victrix, because I can more easily outsource the painting.

  5. What is the frontage mm per figure?

  6. Hi Bryan, they are on 15mm frontage, on the Perry 45x40mm bases. I think they are handy little bases; light yet hardwearing.


  7. Yes, they look great! You have a great site.