Thursday, 24 November 2011

Dragons, Dragons, Dragons

Last night I finished rebasing the most recent 24 Dragoons I've bought on eBay, and how I have 3 understrength regiments, plus a few dismounted.  All the minis are plastic Perry.  Have a click!

So where from here?   I've decided to raise 4 x 24 man Regiments, in 2 brigades of 2.  I gather that a full division would have had 8 regiments; phew.

24 man units may be a bit unwieldy on the table, but they will look the DBs, and would be around the size of a regiment at full strength, in 1:20 scale..  I also need a load more dismounted dragoons.  It's all in hand... but may take a while because I'm seriously overspent and need to cut back.  Also I need to finish way more infantry before I can game with the army.


  1. The DBs right enough the basing looks great!

  2. The unit looks glorious and the basea are wonderful

  3. The look great!!!
    Wish they were mine!

  4. Great looking units. Really like the dismounted guys.

  5. Very nice work on the bases. So you still use some static grass under the tuffs ? Also, did you made the flowers yourself ? I did some for my Spartacus army, but they were way less "cute/tiny" than yours...

  6. Hi Greg, I put on lots of tufts, and then fill some of the remaining space with static grass, and drybrush it all. The flowers are Silflor, from Antenociti; very good product! I like their weeds, too.

    Cheers, Simon

  7. Thank you. Cant really order now, but when ready, I'll ask you the references of the ones you use )


  8. That's ambitious but now with the availability and cost of plastics, very do-able. All you need is time! I'm coming around to the big units that are favoured by Black Powder etc, in the least case they look so impressive on the table. Good luck with your project in 2012.


  9. Hi Doc, yes the cheapness of plastics means that the cost of the figures is hardly an issue, any longer; the bottleneck instead becomes the time it takes to paint and base them (and the table size required to game with them, and the space to store them in).