Saturday, 10 December 2011


I've been a busy boy with my ancients, and my Napoleonic activity has been limited to eBay purchases (all too many eBay purchases, according to a recent critical review, with my wife, of our Bank Account ).  Toting up on my fingers, I find that I will shortly have 44  more painted mounted dragoons to base...  Moreover I've discovered that I only need 4 regiments of 24 Dragoons (and a horse artillery battery), rather than the 8 I'd previously believed,  to form an 1815 cavalry division, so this will become my short term goal.

It looks like I'll be the first wargamer ever to field a cavalry division, before his first infantry brigade! 


  1. Well your foot sloggers certainly can't complain for cavalry support, that's for sure!

    As the dragoon uniform changed very little over the period they'll be useful in many different engagements. On a related note, I'm trying to find some good 'grazing/standing' horses to use for horse-holder bases. If you run across anything please let me know.



  2. Hi Curt, my cavalry will complain of a lack of Infantry support. ;-)

    I know what you mean about standing horses; it's a pain! Need to have the right saddle cloths, too... perhaps some of the standing metal cuirassier horses might do, will a little conversion work? An expensive option, though.

    I'd love to have some for the sake of neatness, and also have no idea at all about where to source them.

    Cheers, Simon

  3. I saw your note and thought I'd take another poke around the web. I found that Hinchliffe has a few horses that may work, as long as they are not too small. Take a look here:

    I looked at the Napoleonic French Horses

    (Warning: Their website is pretty nasty to navigate...)

    The other possible source is eBob. He has beautiful sculpts but their reigns would require trimming (painful) and they are still quite expensive.

    It would be soooo great if the Perry's would just come out with a sprue of 3 horses with separate glue-on bits of equipment so a modeller could do them up us as ACW, Napoleonic, etc.




  5. Simon, remind me by mail tomorow and I'll make a picture for size comparison with Perry's, if you want.