Saturday, 8 November 2014

A sufficiency of Perry plastics, and a potential swap. I have been making steady progess with finishing the Young Guard, and had been starting to fret that, at the current rate of progress, I would run out of unpainted Perry Napoleonic French plastics some time in late 2019. However I checked the loft and found another 4 unopened boxes, so that should time me over until the early 2020s!  ;-)

I am particularly keen to get hold of the Perry French figures in greatcoats.  Would anyone out there like to swap their spare greatcoated figures, for their Bardin-wearing equivalents, or plastic Victrix?   I can take as many as you want, or can spare... please drop me a line at simonmiller60 (at)


  1. I would love to do the same thing. Great coats paint so much faster.

    1. I've been buying the Warlord Late French in greatcoats, but they aren't so nice at the Perry equivalents. I'm sure I'll find more of the latter, somewhere.