Sunday, 17 September 2017

My very own Spanish interlude

Almost three years gone... and my Spanish Ulcer is still playing up. Although I've not based any more minis, I've recently bought a couple of hundred more painted French Ligne and Garde and some artillery and allies. I am waiting, fingers crossed, for some helpful Nottingham-based manufacturer to bring out some plastic Russians in greatcoats (and for a gap to open in my gaming schedules!). Hopefully I'll post again before 2020.... :-)

Tuesday, 13 January 2015


I had a very big push in December on my French Ligne, and by Christmas I managed to get four more battalions painted and based (although not flocked), bringing my total to six. My objective is to get eight battalions ready, and a battery of guns, and call it a division. Most of the minis were painted by others, some by David Davies and others are from eBay, which I heavily overpainted. I also based three battalions of young guard and half a regiment of hussars (not shown), so it was a productive pre-Festive period! Alas I had very little time for photography.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Marie-Louises V - War of Attrittion

Despite their apparent simplicity, these have eaten up so much of my precious painting time!  But I will not be beaten.  Last night a grinding painting session finished these 81 minis (33 of whom were painted by David Davies) barring backpacks.  I will need to paint another 18 to field 3 battalions. You'll note that I have mounted a GMB standard and two Fanions.

Below are three of the Marie-Louise recruits.  These are Warlord plastics with a mix of Warlord and Perry heads. I have really taken to this set from Warlord, and expect to use a lot more of them in due course.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Marie-Louises IV - Mission Creep!

The first two battalions are more-or-less finished, but alarmingly more figures have appeared on the painting tray- the beginnings of a third battalion!  

In other news Kawe of Westfalia Miniatures very kindly "exchanged" some of their products for a set of my "To the Strongest!" rules.  He gave me a very generous exchange rate, thanks Kawe!  :-) Consequently I have some lovely new toys, some of which I started to prep last night, including a colonel for the new battalion.

As well as being beautifully sculpted, these are amongst the cleanest-castings I have ever come across (and I buy Aventines!). I struggled to find a use for my file. Much, much better than the quality of the Perry castings. Westfalia also make lovely vignettes which one doesn't come across in other ranges, and their guns and vehicles have no peers.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Marie-Louises III

There's a lot of painting in these, even in a chap in a greatcoat!  I've finished another seven painting sessions, so up to 11 now, with perhaps 4 more to go.  15 sessions seems like a lot of sessions for 39 figures painted from scratch and a little highlighting on another 33.  Id anticipated a much faster painting rate on account of the greatcoats.  :-(  However, I think they will look great when finished!  :-)

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Marie Louises II

Four painting sessions sees the Marie Louises mostly blocked in, and gradually converging with the mostly-finished figures from David..  Tonight I need to grit my teeth and paint the crossbelts, and tomorrow start on water bottles and bayonets.  There's a surprising amount of work in a bunch of scruffy guys in dirty macks (that look a bit like Frank Spencer).

Friday, 14 November 2014


I've put flocking the Young Guard to one side whilst, butterfly-like, I start work on a couple more battalions.

I recently bought a battalion of Neapolitans from David Davies, but my need for French Ligne is far greater and I've decided to re-badge them as French, reserving the distinctive Neapolitan standard bearer, pioneer and officer for a later project.

The rump of the minis from the battalion have been reinforced by a draft of Marie-Louises, the young, poorly equipped recruits drafted by Napoleon around the time of the defeat at Leipzig.  Following an idea from Guy Bowers, I've made these up using the Warlord Late War French torsos and spare heads in pokelem caps taken from the Warlord and Perry plastics sets.

I'm going to paint the greatcoats on the recruits in khaki and an off-grey shade to give what will now be two battalions an irregular appearance.  

Here are three of the Marie-Louise recruits.  The two on the left have Warlord bodies, and the one on the right a Victrix body which is a good match for the former.  The centre head is Warlord, and the other two Perry.  I've distressed the greatcoats with drill and craft knife, to give them a ragged appearance.  They should be relatively quick to paint!