Saturday, 23 March 2019

Grognards II

The Imrie/Bechara Grenadiers are progressing!

Below are the Chasseurs, based some years ago. I've decided to go with smaller battalions, which will make gaming more practical, and should enable me to get three or four divisions, a side, on a big table.


  1. It's alive! Oh alright I will go and finish up my half done French dragoons then! Nice to see you making progress!
    Best Iain

  2. Yes I do seem to be moving ahead, again. :-) Give it another 20 years, and I'll get around to their opponents!

  3. They do look great. I know you are very busy but a Simon Miller Napoleonic rule set would be very interesting indeed.

  4. I do definitely intend to write a set, if only so I can get my minis on a table, but it'll be a few years. I have recently settled some aspects of the mechanics in my own mind...