Thursday, 5 January 2012

2eme Regiment de Dragons

Over Christmas I painted, and have just finished basing 8 more Perry French dragoons (below, bad photo; they are really nice: honestly).

These complete my 24-man 2eme Regiment de Dragons  (below)...

...and the 2eme Dragons, with the 19eme (from last month), temporarily completes the first Brigade of my cavalry division.

Next I have to base the second half of the 6eme (not shown), and then paint another regiment (the 18eme, which have lovely rose facings).  Eventually, the 2eme will be brigaded with 6eme, and the 18eme with the 19eme, as they sometimes were historically.

As you can gather, I'm quite a fan of these Perry miniatures!  The cheapness of the plastic miniatures is fantastic, although the overall economy is somewhat diminished by the wodges of money I've paid to get most of these painted.  ;-)


  1. Beautiful dragoons! Really like the basing.

  2. Lovely work, and what an "en masse" effect!!

  3. I do like your epic take on this subject, there's no way I could ever hope to complete such a large project in anything like a sensible timespan. I think I will continue to pursue my Napoleonic fix on the South American stage.
    All the best HGA.

  4. Thanks HGA, I've been obsessing, and throwing money at it.

    I was just admiring your first battle! A great achievement to get 2 armies ready.

    Cheers, Simon