Saturday, 28 January 2012

6eme Dragons

Recently I finished basing 13 more minis of the 6eme Dragons, the third regiment of my division.  All but one of these were painted by Shaun Duncan (thanks Shaun!), although I subsequently dipped and retouched the riders and added some detail, such as the regiment numbers on the saddles.  All minis Perry.  I gave them a very nice GMB Flag (below), the first I've used: a fine product.

Now I'm three full regiments into my division, with one left to go.  I'm currently retouching/basing three dozen "dragons a pied" so that I can field one brigade, dismonted.  In around a week's time, I will start working on the final regiment of 24 dragoon minis that just arrived, very nicely painted, from Wraith on Wheels.  I also need to paint the divisonal general and trumpeter, and a battery of horse artillery to complete the division.  Hopefully late February?


  1. Wow! That's a lot of dragoons! Who could face them in battle?! Excellent painting & basing too. Best, Dean

  2. Look great would like to see the three massed!

  3. Thanks chaps! Willie, yes will take that photo tomorrow, if I get a chance...