Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Yet another whiff of Black Powder

We played our fifth practise game tonight.  I think we now have a pretty good grasp of the rules, which work well, now that we are more familiar with them and have found various online summary sheets.  One of my friends has even summarised the rules, which I still believe are verbose and poorly edited.  But do give a good game.

Here are some shorts of tonight's game.  Again we have the Mexican Civil war...

Above; heroic republicans, under yrs truly.  Most of these infantry sat on their baseline for the first 3 turns, on account of failed command rolls.

Dastardly Imperialist adventurers, preparing to advance.  In the event, we took the battle to them.  Note my new (not yet entirely finished) hills.

The French cavalry in the foreground were charged by twice their number of Republicans, but had rather the better of the encounter.

Luckily the Republican cavalry managed to roll well on Command, and retired far, far away (36"!), to lurk on their baseline and lick their wounds.

Brave Republicans assault imperialist lackeys in a building.  Buildings are very tough, indeed, to take, as the defenders get a +2 morale save.  Three times the number of attackers had their work cut out, but were making reasonable headway.

But on the other wing the French rout one Republican battalion, and force another to retire, disordered.  We then ran out of time.  Honours were broadly even, and it was a great game.   We have decided that we really need to start a campaign.

My farourite moment in the game ocurred when, in the very first turn, the French's Indian allies who had caused me so much grief last week, fumbled a Command roll, ran off the table, and refused to return!


  1. Great looking game and very nice photos.

  2. Nice write up. I'm thinking about giving these rules a try for some AWI along with BG.

  3. Very nice table. It is always so much better game for me, if the table is looking good. Immersion factor I guess:)

  4. Like Ray said. Great looking game and photos. Inspiring stuff.

  5. Mexican civil war? Sounds like great material for a campaign!