Wednesday, 8 June 2011

First French Battalion completed

This is my first Napoleonic unit, a post-1812 French line battalion.   They are painted but I've not flocked the bases, pending a decision on basing style.

They are rather untypical of the French I'll be painting next, who will be rather earlier in period (1808-12) and equipped for the Peninsula, and probably based on a very light coloured, dusty soil.   I can't decide whether or not I'll base this unit the same way, or give them darker brown bases for Northern Europe.

I bought 30 of the figures, painted, extensively retouched them and painted 12 more to match (6 of the line and the voltiguers in march pose).  Mine blend in well, except I went too light on the flesh tones.  I made a few minor slips on details like the cuffs, but am overall I am very happy with how my first Napoleonic unit came out.  They did take a lot longer than I'd imagined though; much harder painting than ancients.  The voltiguers can be deployed in either march or skirmish mode (below). 

I really like the Perry figures, which I find very nicely designed and sculpted.  This is just as well as I have 10 boxes of them, so far... more on my "plastic mountain", anon.


  1. Excellent, I love the Perry's plastics, currently painting my 32nd figure too!!

  2. great unit! Keep the rest coming.

    Please, pretty please.

  3. Very nice. Its not easy to touch up units and blend in new figures, but it looks great to me.

    I've wrestled with the basing question for my future 1809 french. I want them for both the Penn. and the march into Austria.

  4. Thanks chaps!

    It is tough, Iowa, I don't think one can have them both ways. I'd like a setup for the Peninsula with everything hot and dusty, and bases matching terrain 100%.