Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Slow progress: Albino Frogs III

I've been furiously modelling but finishing very little, so far.  Here's my first French battalion, still rather less than half painted.  However the 50% Perrys in the last post have now all been replaced by Victrix (I found that the style of the greatcoats didn't quite match; the Victix are longer and more flowing than the Perrys).  The Perrys are reserved for another project.

A dozen are ready for dipping (below).

Part of the reason for the delay is because I have also prepped another 50 or so Victrix (not shown), out of the 260 I'll eventually need for the 6 battalions I plan.  I've bought a lot more minis along the way, I think around 7 boxes of Victrix to add to the 12 of Perry.  I'm still very impressed with the Victrix French Guard and Chasseurs... very nice quality and easy to paint.


  1. Privet.Interesnye figurki.Budu wait until the end.

  2. Perhaps you could paint all the French in white - would certainly save some time!

  3. Hi Consul, belated reply; the French will be almost entirely in white (dust coats),just officers and collars in blue. They are finally approaching completion...

    Hi Maxim; not far from the end.