Sunday, 11 March 2012

Raising my standards...

I've replaced the old standards for my 1er and 2eme Chasseurs, with spanking new 1813 GMB Tricolours, which rather look the biz.  I'm taking the opportunity to do a little gentle refurbishment on the figures (highlights, new drums, fixing some minor details I got wrong and revarnishing).

Below are the mounted Generals for the two regiments, the Garde Brigade commander and the Divisional commander for the Dragoons; all at a worryingly early stage!

I'm getting nervous about the timings to get all this finished and based, for a game at the end of the month; it is looking challenging...


  1. Great looking flags and figures!!

  2. The flags look wonderful! I seem to always end up with challengesbefore a game too. Good luck with yours.

  3. Thanks, chaps! I need to push on with the mounted officers ASAP so that I can stick them in place and do the basing on the 3 battalions of line that need to be finished...