Friday, 16 March 2012

Tambour Major

A rare sight; a mini I've painted from scratch!  This Drum Major will lead the massed drums of the two regiments of Chasseurs I've assembled.  His drummers will sound the Pas de Charge, in the event that the Garde reserve is needed to assault the enemy redoubt in our Petit Borodino game on the 30th (scheduled to be my first game in 5 months!).

I repainted the drums, and the drummers.  I was very pleased with how the drums came out; I replaced the Victrix drums with spare Perry drums, which are a little more crisply moulded.  I also replaced the drums on the command stands, which look better for it (not shown).

These chaps have put me somewhat behind, but I hope to catch up with the five mounted command figures I still need to paint, on Saturday.


  1. What a dandy!

    Is he a conversion, or does the kit come with the baton in hand?

  2. Hi Rosbif, thanks, he's a conversion from a Victix Garde officer, and I made the baton head from Greenstuff. I really like working with plastic figures, so easy to chop about...

    Cheers, Simon

  3. Lovely! Might have to nick that idea! ;-)

  4. Very nice, Simon. I like his baton and the dirt on his knees and the cuff of his greatcoat. Nice touch.


  5. Thanks Curt. I'm just basing them at the moment... and 3 whole 42 man battalions. Golly it is boring.