Saturday, 24 March 2012

Flocking Hell

I've made great progress with my three additional Garde Chasseur Battalions and command stands, but have now reached the point when I need to stick around a dozen clumps of Silflor to each of 33 bases, for a total of 400 clumps (then add static grass and drybrush).  This is, by no means, a small job.  :-(   

OTOH Mrs Bat is out so I can have a clear run at it, the day is young, the sun shining and I have 402 minutes of the excellent 1980's BBC "Fortunes of War" series ready to hit the DVD player!


  1. Not every day you get the chance to sit and watch DVDs without being interupted. The Chasseurs will look great when the flocking is done though. Tough call!

  2. Thanks Rodger, I'm on my third episode. The war is not going well, Paris has fallen; flocking is going OK, though.

  3. Thanks Steve, I managed to watch all 7 episodes; it was very fine seeing it (once again). I wish more series of that quality were made.