Sunday, 1 April 2012

BigRedBat's away day

I've been away to Nottingham to play a game chez RTB, with Roger himself and Ken and Will from WD3 forum.  We played a very large Napoleonic game, very loosely based on Borodino, using Roger and Ken's extensive armies and a small contingent of my forces.  I'll post a few shots over the next few days, here are some to get started with from the initial Russian deployment.

Above is a view from behind the Russian great redoubt, which Will had made for the game, looking towards the French lines.  I think RTB painted the guns.

Here are some troops on the Russian right; the cossacks, in particular, turned out to be a real PITA.

Above is a view of the Russian left, including a battery of 12pdrs.  The Russian guns were terribly powerful, and later took a terrible toll of the attackers.

A view of the Russian left, from behind the French lines.  This was a relatively quiet wing; not much action aside from some long range firing.  I think all the Generals were too worried that they might need to read up the bizarre Black Powder rules on attacking buildings.

...and finally Kutusov, himself (seated) with the Russian General Staff.  The Russian Staff drank a good deal of imported French Pinot Noir, during the game, but sadly this isn't depicted.  It didn't seem to unduly impair their performance.  These beautiful figures were painted by Roger, over just a few days.

Tomorrow, the French!


  1. Beautiful figures and table!

  2. Excellent looking game! I really like that 4th shot of the village. Very nice!

  3. Looks like you had a fun game... love the Russian high command (and the French minis pressed into service there)!

  4. lovely redoubt! Reminds that I really need one eventually.