Tuesday, 17 April 2012

My Very Own Spanish Boot Sale

I bought a big lot of figures a while back that are based on 20mm-frontage plastic magnetic bases and have decided to sell them on, rather than re-base to my 15mm standard.  All the minis are Victrix, from the French Line sets, all pics clickable. 

The first unit are 20 French c.1805.  I’ve spent some time on these bringing them up to quite a respectable wargames standard, using dips, highlights and static grass tufts (the same could be easily be done with the other 4 units, in around 2 evenings per unit); I am quite pleased with them!  £45

6 French Light infantry, below, same standard as above £15

4 units of 20 French Line in shakos (4 Command stands, 12 line stands, 2 Grenadier Stands and 2 Voltiguer stands), and 1 stand of light infantry (84 minis total).  These are complete and quite useable but would benefit from dipping and highlighting as above.  £30 per unit and I’ll throw in the light infantry for free.

I can post at cost (will be cheap as these are all plastic miniatures), or deliver at Salute if you’ll be there.  I’m happy to split.  Buy ‘em quick; if they don’t sell by Friday, they’ll be in the bring and buy on Saturday!  You can email me at simonmiller60@gmail.com.

Cheers, Simon 

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  1. £45? Very cheap, I'm sure some Nappie nut will swipe them up!