Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Jeune Garde Tirailleurs (1er Bn., 2eme Regiment)

This is my first Young Guard regiment, the 1er Bn. of the 2eme Regiment de Tirailleurs.  The uniforms are based on a plate in the Hortoulle "Soldiers and Uniforms of the Napoleonic Wars", showing Tirailleurs and Voltiguers on campaign in Spain in 1809/10, based on period drawings.  I particularly like the greatcoats in brown Spanish cloth, trimmed with red piping.  Do have a click!

All the minis are plastic Perrys, except for the metal standard bearer.  I suspect that the mounted officer is converted from a Dragoon officer; he’s lovely!  The fanion is GMB.

All the minis were painted for me by Dave Davies, who did such a splendid job that I’ve barely touched them (I just muddied the hems of the greatcoats up a little, to match the rest of my Garde), and based them.  I have a couple more battalions to base, and I’m trying to coax one more battalion out of Dave to make a brigade... his painting is exceptional!


  1. Great looking unit - weathered veterans! Nice work on the pom poms and that flag really sets them apart. Dean

  2. Great looking unit. Love the basing too.

  3. Looking good... And I thought you were fed up with the guard! ;-)

  4. Thanks all!

    DHC, not ENTIRELY fed up with le Garde, another post later tonight.... p.s. that's your mud!

    Cheers, Simon