Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Garde, Garde!

These are my Garde Chasseurs a Pied, which consists of the 1er and 2eme Regiments, each of 2 Battalions of 36 foot and 6 deployed skirmishers, and a small band of drums.  All photos very click-able.

The 1er (below) are led by General de Brigade Cambronne, he of the alleged “Merde!” incident at Waterloo (which I first read about in Zola’s “Les Miserables”, as a teenager).

The 2eme (below) are led by Général de Brigade Baron Pelet-Clozeau.

The two Brigades are led by General de Division Michel, who was killed, leading the attack of the Chasseurs a Pied at Waterloo.

All the foot figures are Victrix, and the mounted command Perry’s.  The foot were painted by 3-4 different painters (the majority by Shaun Duncan), although all were stained, detailed, varnished and based by me.  I painted a few foot, the officers and the Tambour Major and assembled drums (below).

Later, I plan to add additional stands with the earlier style of flags with the diamond design, and the later simpler flag used at Waterloo (for the 1st Regiment only; the second won’t have a flag). 

I’m currently working on the 2/1 Grenadiers a Pied and hope to finish those by the weekend.


  1. Excellent looking figures!!! great info too! Love the Tambour Major and drummers, very, very nice!

  2. A great unit! Painting is very nice, and the drummers wonderful...

  3. Exelent to see them this way in all their glory after the WIP shots!

  4. Very impressively done, Sir! Best, Dean

  5. A fine unit to grace any battlefield!!!

  6. Thanks all. At one point I'm sure RTB was complaining that I had more battalions of Chasseurs than Napoleon did... ;-)


  7. Wonderful paniting and basing. Very impressed.

  8. These guys are brilliant BRB.